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New Port Richey Divorce Attorney

New Port Richey Divorce Attorney

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Attorneys Howard Iken, Allison Belcher, and Bruce Przepis are our New Port Richey divorce lawyers. All have years of experience in divorce, custody, support, and alimony law in the New Port Richey courthouse. And both appear frequent enough to be recognized by the local judges.


Howard Iken was recently designated as a Rising Star with SuperLawyers. To qualify for that designation Mr. Iken was selected by practicing attorneys, reviewed for ethics and professionalism, and ranked against other attorneys. Mr. Iken is the managing and founding member of our firm.  He began practice as a divorce attorney in New Port Richey and currently splits his schedule with our Tampa office.


Allison Belcher has been with the Law Firm of Ayo and Iken for many years. Besides serving as a public defender and probation officer, Ms. Belcher has personally conducted hundreds of divorce cases in the New Port Richey courthouse. Ms. Belcher is an experienced divorce attorney with extensive knowledge of the New Port Richey area. She appears frequently at the Pasco courthouse, is known to local attorneys and judges, and is well respected in the area.

Bruze Przepis has over three decades of experience working with clients in the New Port Richey area. Mr. Przepis has served as a Deputy Sheriff, Prosecutor, and has served in key posts directly related to the legal community in Pasco County. Mr. Przepis offer a depth of experience rarely see in the local area.


The New Port Richey family law courts consist of a very small number of judges that decide divorce, custody, and support cases. There has been two Circuit Court Judges over the family law division and that number has remained consistent for a decade. There is one family law Magistrate in New Port Richey. And there is one Child Support Hearing Officer in New Port Richey. The two Circuit Court Judges handle the vast majority of the divorce cases where attorneys are involved. When choosing your attorney, it is vital that you retain an attorney that normally practices in front of the local judges. We have that experience and are able to effectively help you with your case.


Divorce in New Port Richey are handled at the Courthouse at 7540 Little Road in New Port Richey. Once your case is assigned to the New Port Richey side, your case will be handled there throughout the future. The New Port Richey divorce court is handled primarily by two judges.  There is a large flow of cases but most hearings can be scheduled in a reasonable amount of time.


Our New Port Richey office is right across the street from the courthouse.  Attorneys Allison Belcher, Howard Iken, and Bruce Przepis are always available to give free consultations. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

At Ayo and Iken we use a team approach that:

  • Staffs your divorce case with several experienced people that get to know you
  • Gives you a maximum amount of information about your case
  • Helps you maximize your available money to get the most effect in your case.

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You may be thinking of getting a divorce, modifying your divorce judgment, or enforcing your judgment.  We can honestly say the next few months will not be the best time in your life. But we can make a difference for you. Your bad situation may become better if you hire the best divorce attorneys for your situation. We can help.

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Getting a Divorce? The Process Doesn’t Have to Be Overwhelming

When you took your vows, chances are you didn’t think you would find yourself where you are right now. You likely thought you had found the one to be by your side forever. Unfortunately, with about half of all marriages ending in divorce, your chances of getting a divorce are higher than most people would like. However, the process doesn’t have to overwhelm you.


Meet with a Divorce Lawyer in New Port Richey


One of the most important things you must do is meet with a lawyer. An experienced divorce lawyer can answer all your questions and help you decide how you would like to proceed. Some couples are able to amicably end things, while others require a long, drawn-out battle. In either case, having a lawyer on your side can make the process less stressful.


Consider Counseling


There’s nothing wrong with getting help from a professional when you are getting a divorce. Whether you were the one who asked for the divorce or you were blindsided by the request, a counselor can help you sort out your feelings and get on the path to emotional healing. Having a neutral third-party to talk to during the process can help you approach matters with a clear head. There are dozens of counselors in New Port Richey.


Surround Yourself with Loved Ones


You may feel as though you don’t want to burden other people with your problems. However, your friends and family care about you and want to help you through the difficult times in your life. While it may seem strange to vent your frustrations to people you know, it can be cathartic to get it all out to someone who knows you and cares about you. As long as you avoid speaking ill of your soon-to-be ex around any children you share, it is good to vent.

Getting a divorce isn’t a pleasant experience for most people. However, if you take the right steps, you can make the process less stressful and overwhelming. Talking to a lawyer about your options, getting counseling and leaning on your friends and family for support are all ways to make the process easier and speed up the healing process. Our legal team at Ayo and Iken can help you make the best of a difficult situation.

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I hired Howard Iken as my attorney to handle my divorce case. Not only did he secure a win for me in the eventual divorce trial, he was also successful in having the post divorce trial petitions (4) filed by my ex-husband dismissed. Mr. Iken is very professional and adept at developing strategies that are favorable to his clients. He is organized, thorough, creative and more than willing to go the extra mile. I would highly recommend Mr. Iken’s law firm to anyone seeking legal services.

Anonymous – Lawyer Ratingz

August 12, 2014


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Ms. Shulte is a very intelligent, caring attorney. She assisted me in my divorce 2 years ago and just recently assisted me with terminating my child support after my ex wife passed away. When I recently called her to assist me about this she knew exactly who I was and remembered more details about my situation than I had expected. She is very quick to respond to my emails/phone calls. She is very easy to talk to. I couldn’t be happier with both of my experiences with her! If I ever need legal care again, she is undoubtedly the one I will go to!

Richard – Avvo

March 3, 2016


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