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Divorce and New Beginnings

In life, we encounter many different stressful times which can have an impact on our health and our happiness. Some of these events can be happy ones such as the birth of a child or a marriage, while other events such as the loss of a job or divorce can have a negative effect by causing stress on your life. The various events cause different effects on the dynamics of personal and family life. However, one of the most difficult events for people, especially when children are involved, is the divorce of a married couple.

In a typical married relationship, the couple is a partnership where each share in the day-to-day workings of the marriage. Decisions involving money, property, children and others are done with the involvement of both parties where each have an equal say in the ultimate decision. But when a couple decides it is time to separate, each person now must make all important decisions on their own. In addition, the divorce creates additional problems such as how to function with only one income, custody issues of children and the difficulties in adjusting to the divorce.

To assist people in adapting to a divorce in the family, we have put together this helpful collection of resources and information. The topics on this page include information on what a divorce is, the psychological effects of divorce on all involved, how to cope with divorce and the financial implications of divorce. Please feel free to refer to this page as often as needed.

  • Divorce Overview – Informative page from Medline Plus which contains information on a wide range of topics pertaining to the subject of divorce.
  • Marriage and Divorce – American Psychological Association web page which provides assistance on a number of issues related to marriage and divorce.
  • Coping Tips – Article from Ladies Home Journal which lists tips on how to cope with typical divorce moments.
  • Reasons for Divorce – This article from a counseling agency provides information on common reasons for divorce.
  • Why Divorce? (PDF) – Publication from Utah State University which informs readers of the most common reasons why people seek a divorce, instead of trying to work out the problems.
  • Divorce and Your Money – Kiplinger article which provides suggestions on how to avoid financial trouble resulting from divorce.
  • Money and Divorce – This article discusses the problems of money in a relationship which can lead to divorce if unresolved.
  • Finances in a Divorce – This helpful page is aimed at assisting women in dealing with the challenges of finances in a divorce.
  • Financial Impact on Children – This down-loadable publication from Princeton University provides information on a number of financial topics about divorce including child support and property settlements.
  • Divorce and Custody – Informative page with information on a number of custody related topics from the State Bar of California.
  • Divorce and Custody Resource Guide – This page from the National Center for State Courts provides information and resources about custody decisions and the impacts on children.
  • State Family Law – American Bar Association page with information and charts on various family and custody laws that are available in the fifty states.
  • Children and Divorce – This helpful article from the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry provides information on the effects of divorce on children.
  • Kids and Divorce – Article which lists ten tough issues which parents need to address with children in a divorce situation.
  • Children of Divorce – This article deals with many of the external and internal issues facing children of divorce.
  • Teens and Divorce – Information in this web page discusses the effect that divorce has on teen-aged children.
  • Single Parent Kids at Risk – A CBS News report which outlines the potential problems that face children in a single family household.
  • Single Parent Families – Useful article from a Pediatrics Group which provides an overview of single parenting and how to make the arrangement work.
  • Parent Child Relations – University of Akron information on how the parent and child relationship needs to function in a single family household.
  • Divorce Resources – Information and resources from the New York State Unified Court System relating to divorce.
  • Divorce Overview – This page from the Cornell University Law School provides readers with an overview of the issues associated with separation and divorce.
  • Divorce and Children Resources – This article from UCLA’s Psychology Department can assist parents in helping to deal with divorce issues with children.

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