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Child Support Calculation

Florida Child Support Calculator

We have gone to great lengths to help our clients – by creating this free child support calculator for Florida cases.

This Florida Child Support Calculator is accurate, and conforms to the latest law on child support.  To use this calculator properly you must enter accurate incomes for both parents – after payroll taxes. That means you must use the proper “take-home” pay of each parent.

This online child support calculator will not work for combined incomes under $650/month or over $10,000/month. See notes below for incomes exceeding the maximum amount.

The actual child support amount is dependant on other factors which are not addressed by this basic calculation. This service is intended to give a rough estimate of child support and does not substitute for individualized legal advice. The actual child support amount you pay or receive is determined by a family law court.


Florida Child Support Calculation for Combined Incomes over $10,000


For combined monthly available income greater than $10,000, the obligation shall be the minimum amount of support shown on the above support calculator plus the following percentages multiplied by the amount of income over $10,000: One Child: 5%, Two Children: 7.5% , Three Children: 9.5%, Four Children: 11%, Five Children: 12%, Six Children: 12.5%

child support calculator florida

Definition of “Income” for this Florida Child Support Calculator

This Florida child support calculator is primarily based on the income of the parents. Significant others, and new spouses are not normally included in the definition of income. The income you use for the Florida child support calculator includes pretty much everything, but a comprehensive list is offered by the Florida statutes. A common question by many people is whether a later-spouse’s income can be used as part of the calculation. A spouse’s income normally can not be used as part of a calculation. But everyone should be aware that judge’s have tremendous flexibility. There have been instances where a spousal income becomes a factor.

1. Salary or wages.

2. Bonuses, commissions, allowances, overtime, tips, and other similar payments.

3. Business income from sources such as self-employment, partnership, close corporations, and independent

contracts. “Business income” means gross receipts minus ordinary and necessary expenses required to produce income.

4. Disability benefits.

5. All workers’ compensation benefits and settlements.

6. Reemployment assistance or unemployment compensation.

7. Pension, retirement, or annuity payments.

8. Social security benefits.

9. Spousal support received from a previous marriage or court ordered in the marriage before the court.

10. Interest and dividends.

11. Rental income, which is gross receipts minus ordinary and necessary expenses required to produce the income.

12. Income from royalties, trusts, or estates.

13. Reimbursed expenses or in kind payments to the extent that they reduce living expenses.

14. Gains derived from dealings in property, unless the gain is nonrecurring.

Allowed Expenses to Determine Net Income

(Enter Net Income into the child support calculator)

Normal household expenses, normal medical expenses, and just about every type of personal expense is not relevant in calculating child support.

(a) Federal, state, and local income tax deductions, adjusted for actual filing status and allowable dependents and income tax liabilities.

(b) Federal insurance contributions or self-employment tax.

(c) Mandatory union dues.

(d) Mandatory retirement payments.

(e) Health insurance payments, excluding payments for coverage of the minor child.

(f) Court-ordered support for other children which is actually paid.

(g) Spousal support paid pursuant to a court order from a previous marriage or the marriage before the court.

child support calculator florida

Finding the Best Child Support Attorney for Your Case

Choosing the best Florida child support attorney can be difficult. Many times child custody cases and child support cases involve deep emotional distress. That is why choosing the best attorney that is right for you is very important.

Child custody and support laws are always changing and they vary from state to state. If you are curious about child support, start with our free Florida child support calculator.  Choosing an attorney who is intimately familiar with your state and federal laws regarding child support is key. At Ayo and Iken, we have a team of attorneys that work with child support calculations and laws every day.

Here are some tips on how to decide which attorney may be best for you:

  • First, get all your paperwork in order. Any court documents or information pertaining to child support claims should be available so to when you speak to potential lawyers, you can have the paperwork ready for consultations and attorney information review. The Law Firm of Ayo and Iken can assist you with this process.
  • Narrow down your search. Call potential attorneys and find out their expertise, experience, and knowledge about child support litigation.
  • Once you have decided on a few candidates, make an appointment for a consultation. Some child support attorneys charge for a consultation. At Ayo and Iken we feel it is important to meet face to face before you decide this important issue. Our consultations are always free with every member of our experienced legal team.
  • After deliberating on the potential candidates, select the attorney that is right for you. After using our Florida child support calculator,  reading our extensive online information, and meeting with one of your dedicated attorneys, we hope you make the right choice and retain a team member of Ayo and Iken.
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