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Our specialized content, video, and other informative media are based on input from Ayo and Iken team members,  outside guests, former team members of Ayo and Iken, independent journalists, and subject-matter authorities. The opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the official position of Ayo and Iken. Attorneys that are not current team members at Ayo and Iken may be reached though their member listing on the Florida Bar website:

Florida’s Law on Relocation of Children


We found Attorney Bruce Przepis at his desk and asked him to give a quick description on our legal issue of the day: What is the law in Florida on relocation of children. Mr. Przepis gives a quick, informative overview of when the law applies, and how it is applied.


A Former Client Speaks Out on Alimony Reform


Alimony reform has become a hotly contested, multi-year issue in the Florida Legislature. In our series of interviews with people that have been through the alimony process we plan to feature unrehearsed, unscripted interviews with individuals personally impacted by by both sides of the alimony controversy. Our thanks to Dorothy Williams for sharing her experience with alimony and the Florida court system.

alimony reform - dorothy williams

How Long Do I Have to be Married to Get Alimony in Florida ?


A common question many people have is: How long do I have to be married to get alimony in Florida? The answer can be complex and uncertain but their are some easy to understand ground rules for alimony claims in Florida. Watch this informative discussion with Attorney Kristal Knox on how the length of marriage affects alimony claims during Florida divorces.

length of marriage and alimony

Florida Child Custody and Moving


Moving your child out of the area, or watching as the other parent attempts to move is the closest thing to begin caught between a rock and a hard place. On one hand the primary parent may need the income of an out-of-area job. On the other hand, the parent left behind will permanently have their parental relationship changed in a negative way. There are many factors to moving a child after divorce in Florida – and many things to consider for both parents. Attorney Kristal Knox discusses some requirements and also describes a particularly difficult situation for one parent.


What is a Trust


Trusts are a mystery to most people. The a Florida Trust is one of the most beneficial planning documents there is. It can help both people with substantial assets, and people with more modest means. Jason Ponder takes you through a common sense, down to earth discussion about Trusts, what they can do for you, and the most common types of Trusts.


When Does an Employer Have to Pay Overtime?


Many employers in Florida violate the law when it comes to paying their employees overtime wages for the work that was performed. Many times, they do this out of ignorance of what the law requires. Some employers refuse to properly compensate their employees when it is brought to their attention. Our attorney Sara Evans discusses common situations and how to address them.

when employers must pay overtime

How to Win an Alimony Case


Alimony is one of the most hated, feared, desired, and fought over subjects in the Florida courts. No one word in the domestic relations legal system raises stronger opinions. Attorney Alberto Ayo discusses his viewpoint on Florida alimony cases and what it takes to win them. Watch this interested video on Florida alimony law and the best ways to approach a alimony case.

how to win an alimony case

How to Win a Custody Case


We all know that a child custody case in the Florida courts involves one of most critical issues you can face in your life. Whatever the court decides will shape and color your future as a parent, change the way your child looks at you, and the way you respond to your child. Watch this timely interview with Attorney Jennifer Schulte to learn some tips on how to win your custody case.

how to win a custody case

Why You Need a Will


Wills are a subject that nobody wants to discuss. But almost everyone should have a Will. Attorney Jason Ponder discusses the practical side of Wills, what they can do for you, and why you may want one. Watch this in-depth, candid discussion of how a Will can benefit most people.

why you need a will