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About Attorney Jennifer Schulte

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Growing up locally in the Lake Mary area, near Orlando, I always had dreams of being a lawyer in high school. But life sometimes takes you down a different path than you imagined in getting where you want to be. After high school, I became a single mom at nineteen. While I went to work to support my child, my mother died a year later. It was devastating. I continued bartending and server jobs to make ends meet working two or three jobs seven days a week. Doing that I quickly realized I was going nowhere without an education. I remembered my dream of being a lawyer and had recently had a good experience with an attorney and it just clicked with me that it was my calling. I entered a community college and worked as hard as I could. It just went from there all the way through law school. I think my experiences have made me very sensitive to the sacrifices people make for their children. I went to law school as a single mom so I know you don’t know what you are capable of until you have no other choice than to make what you want to happen. I believe tapping into my life experience is very valuable because it helps me relate to my clients and what they are going through. I’ve seen life from so many different angles and it helps me relate to all different kinds of people and backgrounds. It’s just that life experience that you bring to the table. When you are a single mom and don’t have an education, people in a lot of situations will take advantage of you and really kind of degrade you. At times you are treated like you don’t matter. That really changed me because I wanted to make sure that I was in a position to help people so they don’t feel intimidated as I did at times. I don’t want them overwhelmed by the justice system. I want to fight for people who don’t have a voice so they don’t feel so beat up by the process.

My Strengths:

I’m a very honest, ethical, hard-working person. I have a passion for the law that I see a lot of people either lose or never had to begin with. I really do have a passion for justice and everybody getting a fair shake. And that passion is coupled with my knowledge of the law. I know the law, I research it, and if I don’t know it, I research it until I do know. It’s that kind of dedication that makes me the lawyer I strive to be. I get a lot of referrals from family members of clients and that means a lot because there is a trust factor. In family law, being a parent is especially helpful. It gives you an insight into so many details that can be helpful in a case.

What I Find the Most Exciting in Legal Practice

Going to court; litigating. It’s the only thing I have found in my life that provides the kind of excitement that I get from going to court and litigating. I was a gymnast when I was younger and there was this rush competing that I thought I would lose forever. When I couldn’t be a gymnast anymore, I never thought I would find anything to give me that rush. And then I stepped into a courtroom and there it was. I’m very competitive and I love winning. Especially when you get a positive outcome for your client there is just this sense of elation. You walk out of the courtroom feeling like you get the opportunity that a lot of people don’t get which is to help people. I really feel privileged to be a lawyer.

My Personal Life

I am engaged to be married to a wonderful man and have three children. My oldest is in Florida State University studying pre-med. She is very determined. As she gets older, your relationship blossoms with your child and you talk about realizing how difficult things were at times and appreciating opportunities. My other children are younger and in school. My daughter likes volleyball and my son is the typical kid loving doing things outdoors. In my downtime, which is rare, I like it to be quiet and relax. Maybe staying in a place in the Florida Keys and getting on a boat. That’s what I love.

My Qualifications:

I have packed so much family law experience in my life I feel like I am 1000 years old. Standard lists of qualifications are funny because they never tell the whole picture. But for those that insist seeing the list – here it is:

    • Member of the Florida Bar
    • Juris Doctor from FAMU College of Law
    • Owner: The Schulte Law Firm
    • Former Associate Attorney for Kaufman, Englett & Lynd
    • Former Legal Intern for the FAMU Housing Clinic
    • Former Certified Legal Intern for the FAMU Legal Advocacy Clinic
    • Former Law Clerk for Attorney Frank Remsen


Jennifer helped my son through a horrible divorce and fighting for the safety of his children. She was awesome in court. Unfortunately she left KEL before it was finalized. Took months for the KEL new attorney got it finalized. I would recommend Jennifer to friend and family.

Charlotte – Avvo

March 3, 2016

Jennifer worked on my divorce and helped mediate a mutually agreeable settlement. She was patient, focused, and well informed on Florida law relative to my case. As difficult as this all was, it was managed well.

Frank – Avvo

December 26, 2017

Jennifer is a person of integrity who helped me in a very difficult situation. She really cared and handled this case for me all the way through. She commits and follows through every step of the way. I greatly commend her and appreciate her work. I will definitely use her again. Thanks so much again your efforts meant so much to me . Be blessed

Stacey G – Avvo

March 3, 2016