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About Attorney Paul Moyer

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I have deep roots in the Central Florida area having lived and worked here most of my life. With more than 36 years practicing under my belt, I am certainly very familiar with the legal layout of the land. I began to think about the legal profession in college because I believe the law basically encompasses every aspect of our lives.

As far as getting into family law, I went through a divorce in the late 1980s and the attorneys I had were wonderful. One became a judge and one is still practicing locally. I found myself needing to understand family law so I could maneuver through the system. In the process, I discovered I really wanted to help people going through similar difficult times just as my attorneys had. I really gravitated to it and have practiced family law ever since. I have found it has given me valuable insight as I am not only a family law litigator, but also someone who has been on the other side going through divorce.

I know what clients go through and the ups and downs that they sometimes face. I believe my role is not just to represent a client but also to provide them with a pathway to obtain some sort of certainty in their lives. To me, that is satisfying. My parents divorced so I can still to this day see it from a kid’s point of view when parents are arguing and not getting along. I understand the quicker a resolution can be reached to bring as much normalcy to a family as possible the better.

My Strengths

I bring a tremendous amount of experience and empathy to cases. I am very professional when working with the opposition. However, I am also very willing to take an aggressive approach in order to get things done for my clients. The process can be quite complex so having more than 30 years of family law experience brings quite a bit to the table for my clients.

What I Find the Most Exciting in Legal Practice

I find it exciting when I have done a good job for the client and they are satisfied. When the process works well, those are the best moments. I also have a great deal of courtroom experience which is exciting because you have got to be on your toes and know what you are doing in making your arguments in front of a judge.

My Personal Life

I am married to a wonderful woman named Gail and we each have a grown daughter. I am also grandfather to two amazing children. From a grandparent’s point of view, you can never have enough time with them. Being a grandparent is great, so from a family standpoint, this is the best part of my life I have ever experienced. I also love music, particularly the blues.

My Qualifications:

I think my multiple decades as an attorney speak to my experience. There is very little that happens in the courtroom that I have not seen. But many people demand a traditional biography. For those people, here are my particulars:

  • Associate Attorney, Ayo & Iken
  • Doctor of Jurisprudence, Cumberland School of Law, Samford University
  • Member of the Florida Bar
  • Member of the Bar of the United States Middle District of Florida
  • Member of the Central Florida Bankruptcy Law Association
  • Family Law Certified Mediator
  • Former Sole Practitioner, Law Offices of Paul V. Moyer, P.L.
  • Former Partner, Moyer, Straus & Patel, P.A.
  • Former Partner, Moyer & Straus
  • Former Associate and Partner, Belleville & Aspinwall, P.A.
  • Former Associate, Robert D. Melton, P.A.

Mr. Moyer handled my divorce with empathy and professionalism. His advice was reasonable and led to a quick and fair resolution. He clearly has a lot of experience and takes the time to answer all questions thoroughly. His rates were reasonable and there was no questionable billing. Highly recommend.

Mary – Avvo

June 13, 2018