Dawn McCarty

Hi, I’m Tom Lemons with the Ayo & Iken Report. Today, we have Dawn McCarty, she is the chairperson of the National Parenting Organization, a chapter here in Florida. And she’s here to talk to me today about some of the things and some of the work she’s doing here in the state to try to correct and bring awareness to laws that just aren’t working equally among parents. And she has a few other things that she’s going to do. She’s going to tell us a personal story of her own that really drove her to enter this type of work. And we’re going to talk about some other things. So Dawn, thank you for joining us today.

National Parenting Organization has been around for quite a while. I mean it’s reaching out more on a state level and starting to develop state affiliates so that we can help get more people involved in a national effort to educate parents and also change laws in each state, because each state has different laws. So we just started our affiliation here in Florida back in October, so we’re brand new. We’re just trying to build a team and get things going. We got some really great things brewing up and it sounds like it’s going to be a really great effort. And there’s things going on already in our state, which is good. We just need to see how those turn out and then how can we improve upon them


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