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About Attorney Zonald Spinks

attorney zonald spinks


Growing up in Zanesville, Ohio, I never shied away from rolling up my sleeves to get things done. The youngest of four brothers I developed the charm of a salesman, the mind of a businessman, and quirky sense of humor that my whole family has. You can tell that by the origin of my unusual name. My father, Donald, and mother, Kay, decided to name all their children ending with “onald”. So my older brothers are named Tonald, Jonald, and Ronald. My mother and father knew I was their last child so they gave me the last letter in the alphabet. I have a strong creative side, but also a strong background in business. I graduated from law school but did not practice right away. One of my brothers was opening a Chevrolet dealership in Georgia and wanted me to help make it grow. I was put in charge of the service department, which was ailing at the time due to the great recession several years ago. Within two years, sales doubled. I eventually started my own consulting firm teaching companies how to turn their facilities into well-oiled moneymakers. But soon the legal bug bit again and I started my own practice. I spent hours just sitting in court watching proceedings, building knowledge.


My Strengths:

I am a lawyer that brings a blue collar approach to my legal work. Nothing came easy for me growing up in a low-income house but my life became about hard work and energy. It’s a work ethic that I have translated to my work with the firm handling cases and ensuring quality for all of our clients. I’m the person in the firm that ensures that their experience with Ayo & Iken was the best it could possibly be. From ensuring clients are with the right attorney to the end of a case when I conduct satisfaction surveys, client relations is my specialty. I work with clients to find an option for them to get the best bang for the buck with the firm. I believe in communicating. And I believe in hard work to do everything we can to ensure that our clients are taken care of. Some attorneys are not hard workers; do not connect with the average Joe. That doesn’t happen with me.

What I Find the Most Exciting in Legal Practice

I love practicing criminal law and civil cases in the area of negligence, consumer fraud, and creditor harassment, but the personal connection with clients is the best part of my job. I have that sales type personality where I really relate to people. I want to make sure our clients are happy and with the right attorney. Are we maintaining our prominence with a client on their case? Are we calling people back in a timely manner? It’s all so important. It excites me when a client knows I have his or her back. We change people’s lives. And when a case gets tough it is time to dig in and remain positive.

My Personal Life

I am a firm believer that being an attorney is not a just 40-hour-a-week job but I do strive for a balance with my family. I have a baby girl on the way and a four-year-old son. We love to go boating, watch sports, and go to amusement parks. It can be busy but I like it that way.

My Qualifications:

I am more than the sum of my official qualifications. I forged a path to becoming an attorney that appears to be different from most legal practitioners I meet. No one has the combination of life experiences I have gathered. My “list” may not match many others – but I think it serves clients extremely well. But to satisfy those that go strictly by qualifications, here is the list:

  • Member of The Florida Bar
  • Member – United States Middle District of Florida
  • Ayo & Iken Associate Attorney
  • Former owner of my own private practice for more than three years
  • Former president of Zonald Consulting Inc.
  • Former manager of Jon Spinks Chevrolet
  • Juris Doctor from Florida Coastal School of Law
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Music Performance from University of South Florida