Erin Pizzey

Tom Lemons:              

Today, we have a very special guest on the Ayo and Iken Report. A woman who has spent a lifetime battling radical feminism, and she actually established the very first domestic violence shelter in the world. Please welcome all the way from London, England, author and activist Erin Pizzey.

So Erin, thank you so much again for joining us. First I just want to start by, can you tell us just briefly a little bit about your history, because we have a lot of people in the United States know who you are, but there are some who do not and they would love to know a little bit about your history.

Erin Pizzey:             

Well, I think the most important point about why I ended up working and creating a refuge, was because as a child, both my parents fought all the time. They were very dysfunctional and verbally and emotionally extremely violent. And I always used to think to myself, as a child, “If I have a girl, first of all, I don’t want to be like them. And secondly, I want to make it possible for children not to have to go through this.”

And so I was married and I was living in Hammersmith, London with two children and a dog and a cat. And I became very interested in the emerging women’s movement, which had actually come from America, and it was created in Washington by a small group of women who set out, who had originally been in the South of America fighting against apartheid in schools.



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